Terms & Conditions


1 If the booking is made more than 8 weeks prior to the holiday start date then a £195 deposit is required at time of booking. (non refundable).

2 The balance payable of £700 is due 8 weeks prior to the holiday start date – if booking lake and either (both) properties.  If only the Farmhouse is booked as a holiday rental with NO fishing then the full £595.00 is required at time of booking.

3 If the booking is made less than 8 weeks prior to the holiday start date then the full payment  of £895 will be due or the higher figure if The Farmhouse is chosen as accommodation or both properties are booked with the lake.


1 If after making a firm booking your payment of the total weekly rental cost is not received in full, on or before the due date of 8 weeks prior to your holiday start date, then your holiday booking shall automatically be cancelled by Retreat lakes, and you shall forfeit your deposit.

2 If you cancel your holiday booking, which must be received in writing, more than 8 weeks before your scheduled departure date then you shall forfeit your deposit.

3 If you cancel your holiday booking, Which must be received in writing, at any time within 8 weeks period to your scheduled holiday start date then you shall forfeit 70% of your total weekly rental. The balance of your total weekly rental cost shall be refunded to you.

4 If The Retreat Lake have to cancel your holiday booking, which shall be notified to you in writing, for any reason beyond our control, including but not limited to flood, drought, fire, quarantine restrictions, then The Retreat Lake liability shall be restricted to a full refund of the money already paid by you up to the date of such cancellation by The Retreat Lake.

5 Only those people named on the duly completed booking form shall be allowed to be at The Retreat Lake during the booked holiday period.

6 These Lake rules shall form a part of the terms and conditions of your holiday booking. If you or any of your party is found to infringing these rules during your booked holiday period then the remainder of your  booked holiday shall be terminated forthwith, without compensation, and all party shall immediately vacate the holiday property.


By entering into and signing the lake Booking form, you hereby accept and agree the above terms and conditions form the contact between yourself, and party and The Retreat Lake

Lake Rules

Although we know that many of our customers will be seasoned anglers and great users of common sense and have full respect for our fish and our land, we still (unfortunately) find it necessary to produce a list of rules which will be enforced.

1. Maximum of 3 rods per angler.
2. Minimum 12lb mainline.
3. NO bent hook rigs.
4. Micro Barb or barbless hooks only. (If you, or you see another angler struggle to un hook a fish, please bear in mind that the rig can always be cut at the hook eye and the hook can be fed through if necessary.
5. Only particle purchased on site to be used on the lake (allows control of quantity & quality).
6. NO nuts of any sort.
7. NO sacks to be brought onto the site.
8. NO landing nets or weigh slings to be brought on site. These will be supplied on arrival.
9. NO un-hooking mats to be brought on site. Each swim is supplied with a monster mat and water bucket (s).
10. NO fires lakeside. Only camping/angling stoves allowed as naked flame sources.
11. NO Litter. Please use the bins provided.
12. Exclusive use anglers/families – please remove muddy boots before entering the lodge.
13. Baited rods not to be left un-attended. Unless it is for a toilet visit and a nearby angler or on-site bailiff is keeping an eye on them. This does NOT include showers.
14. Bait Boats are allowed and can be hired on site.
15. Bankside/Woods etc not to be used as toilets. You WILL be removed from the site if you break this rule!
16. Do not tamper with the life bouy’s at the waters edge. These are in place for safety reasons and any damage or neglect towards them could risk someone’s life in the event of them ever being required.
17. Please keep the gates closed by the bait room and bbq area for the safety of children.
The client agrees to act responsibly and to take care of the surrounding environment as much as they will the fish. The client, if applicable, is also asked to be responsible with the property and it’s contents and is responsible for leaving all facilities, including the fishing lodge (if booked), in a clean and tidy condition. They are requested to also use these facilities responsibly and to ensure they are kept in a clean manner during your stay and at the end of your visit.

The client should report to the owner or the bailiff on site without delay broken or missing items, defects or breakdowns in the lodge/facilities at the start of their holiday. The client shall reimburse the owner for any damage or breakages at the property or contents and equipment in the grounds, including that caused by negligence by anyone in their party.

Cars must be parked on the carp park after unloading, and the gates kept locked at all times. Visitors are not permitted under ANY circumstances.

Please exercise extreme caution when at the waterside. The Retreat, it’s owners, nor the on site bailiff will be held responsible for accident/injury/death of angler acting irresponsibly or in a manner they are not intended for.

Fishing is at the anglers own risk and we accept no responsibility/liability for any accidents whilst on the property, however caused.

For and on Behalf of the The Retreat and it’s owners.

December 2007.