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Name:  The Plaskitts and Lucy and Bailey

Date of holiday: 23rd June – 7th July 2018

Number of anglers: 2

Name: Dave and Leah Vernon

Date of holiday: 7th – 16th June 2018

Number of anglers:  1

Catch report: 28.5 Common 25 lb mirror and 14 lb cat

Tactics bait used: Boilies tipped with imitation corn or Andys maize. Only fished the water occasionally some days not at all. You will get out what you put in.

Experience of facilities/gite:  Brilliant!!

Recommendations: My recommendation is don’t go home and I would definitely recommend to anyone.

General comments: Lyn and Andy are the nicest people imaginable. Can’t do enough for you but leave you alone if that is what you want! We like to think we are friends. We will be back!

Comment from hosts: Next year can’t come quick enough. Perfect guests and now good friends!

0Name: Carol and Paul Mansfield

Date of holiday : 26th May – 2nd June

Number of anglers: 2

Catch report: 9 x 20 lb 2 Common 7 Mirror

3 x 16 lb. 2 x 21 lb Best Common 27 lb 5 Best Mirror 25 lb 15

Best tactics/bait used/amount: Hardened bottom baits over pellet and boilies.

5 kg boilies and 5 kg pellets between 2 anglers. 5 rods. 

Recommendations/suggestions: Would recommend. Accessible wi-if would have been a bonus. This

was available at main house. Didn’t really miss it.

General comments: Lovely place, gardens and lake are wonderful. 

Totally relaxing, peace and quiet. 

Thank you for your hospitality. 

Comment from hosts: Great guests! Hope you return soon!



 Name: Dave and Paddy

Date of holiday: 28th April – 5th May

Number of anglers:  2

Catch report:  15 fish to 37lb 11 and 10 fish to 33 lbs 

Best tactics/bait used/amount:  Fished for a bite at a time snowman on pop up. Nothing on bottom baits. Krave top bait.


We have now closed season to maintain lake and net and restock.


Name: Fred and Carmel

Date of holiday: 16th  to. 23rd September, 2017

Number of anglers:  1

Catch report:  14lb, 21lb, 26lb, 32lb common carp, 18lb, 21lb, 27lb, 28lb Mirror carp and a 13lb catfish. Numerous singles each day. Fished dawn and dusk only.

Best tactics, bait used, amount:  Boilies 4kg Particles

Experience of facilities and gite: Great secluded location and surroundings. Lots of wildlife every day.

General comments: We would recommend, wildlife was added bonus every day. Helpful host Lyn.






Name:  DIon U Scheppingen 

Date of holiday:  9th – 16th September, 2017

Number of anglers: 1

Catch report:  40 fish with limited fishing due to family outings.  9 16lb + 7 21 + and 1 34 lb Mirror. The rest were 23 between 7 – 10 lb. Netting in October will deal with smaller fish and bigger fish will be added! Watch the site for more details.


Best tactics, bait used, amount:  Boilies 20 mm pellets, particles and 2 x 20 mm with pop up


Experience of facilities and gite: It’s a lovely place but washing machine needs changing.


General comments: We would recommend, it’s a beautiful place. You can relax and enjoy the fishing, no interfering bailiffs.




Name: Kevin Plaskitt and Ian

Date of holiday:  2nd – 9th September, 2017

Number of anglers:  2


Catch report:  40 fish and 33 small ones (to be netted this October)  3 x 30 34.6, 32.13, 32.15.  10 x 20s. 24.12, 28.11, 20.29, 20, 23.12, 24.7, 26.8,  Rest doubles and a bonus 17.1 catfish.


Best tactics, bait used, amount:   Boilies and particles


Experience of facilities and gite: Excellent.


General comments:  Would recommend. A great week. Lyn is a great host.










Name: Simon Last and family

Date of holiday:  12th August to the 19th August 2017

Number of anglers: 1 plus two children

Catch report:  33 lb Common, 4  20+  Commons and a 26 lb Mirror  3 15s and a  17 lb Commons and lots of 10+

Best tactics, bait used, amount:  Casting at showing fish with fish meal boilies and particles.

Your experience of facilities/gite:  All as expected. Very nice.


General comments:  Lyn was very friendly and helpful.  Lovely weather. We would recommend to friends.







Name: Stephen Wray, Becky, Jade and Luke

Date of holiday:  5th – 12th August, 2017

Number of anglers:  4


Catch report:  Carp Singles 20+  Doubles 12 Twenties 8 Thirties 1 Catfish 14 lb


Best tactics, bait used, amount:  Krill boilies over particles. Pink krill got bigger fish.


Your experience of facilities/gite:  Everything very good, no problems,  Gite bigger and better than expected. We will be back and would recommend to a friend.

General comments:  Fantastic week even though lots of rain had a great time the week flew by.






Name: Richard and Helen Allen, Thomas and Jack, Sue and John


Date of holiday:  29th July – 5th August, 2017


Number of anglers: 3


Catch report: 30 lb, 28 lb, 25 lb x 3, 20 lb. Selection of fish caught between 10 lb and 20 lb. Baby fish caught on pole.


Best tactics, bait used, amount:  Ued snowman rigs, bottom rigs. 10 mm Manilla 25 kg of pellet, large tub of particle, 3 kilos of boilies.


Your experience of facilities and gite:  All good. Very clean and comfy beds. Would recommend to a friend.


General comments: Had a lovely week.  Lyn is very friendly and helpful.  Fantastic time had by all. Fantastic fishing!






Name: Roxanne Wevers + 5

Date of holiday: 22nd July – 29th July 2017

Number of anglers: 2

Catch report:  Common 28, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 16, 14, 12, 8 lbs and a 9 lb catfish. Only fished daytime for a few hours.


Best tactics, bait used, amount: Along reaches, under willow branches. Boilies Krill combined with pop up and fake corn.20 lb of bait used.

Expectations of facilities and gite: Everything is available and will be arranged by Lyn, cosy and warm looking.


General comments: We would recommend, it is a nice and beautifully maintained fishing venture with easy to fish waters. Suggestions would be a bigger lake and another wooden platform. We really enjoyed our stay.  We felt very welcome by the owners. We could ask for anything!







Name: Paul and Carolyne Embury and group!!

Date of holiday: 15th – 22nd July 2017


Number of angler: 3


Catch report:  63 weighable fish, 32, 31, 30, 29, 25, 25, 4 x 24, 22, 2 x 21. 15-20 lbs x 16. 10 – 15 lbs x 25.  5 – 10 lbs x 9. Under 5 lbs not weighed 20 +


Best tactics, bait used, amount:  cells boilies, particle mix, tiger nuts and pellets.  Tiger nuts worked best due to small fish nibbling the cell that was topped with fake corn.  15 kg x cell, 20 kg x pellet, /0 kg x tiger nuts and particle mix.


Your expectations of facilities and gite:  All good lovely beds very comfy. Clean and tidy with everything needed for a comfortable stay.


General comments: Would definitely recommend! Lovely to meet Lyn, lovely lady, great company with nothing being too much trouble.








Name: Rob and Sam Smith, Lydia and Charlie


Date of holiday:  8th to the 15th July, 2017


Number of anglers:  2



Catch report:  Commons 32, 25, 22, 17, 2 x 15, 2 x 11.  Mirrors  24, 18 and 16 Catfish 2 x 11 and lots of smaller carp


Best tactics/bait used/amount:  Single bottom baits tipped with maize and corn. Krill boilies and milkynamino boilies which worked well and accounted for bigger fish.


Your expectations of facilities/gite:  Our third visit and we will return enough said!!!!


General comments:  Netting of smaller fish planned for October will be good. Would recommend to friends.  Lyn was an absolutely brilliant host, a true ‘knight in shining armour’ when we suffered a car problem at midnight on Bastille Day.  Very unobtrusive but always there when needed!











Name: Kevin, Sue and Matt Plaskittt

Date of holiday: 24th June –  1st July


Number of anglers:  2


Catch report: 17 carp Best 31 12 caught by Matt. No night fishing on this trip and the worst thunderstorm for years!!


Best tactics/bait used/amount: Boilies and particle


Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite: Excellent. Some nice upgrades and touches and suggestions asked for and given.


General comments:  Would recommend. An excellent week! EXcellent wildlife too! We have already booked for next year. Lyn, Andy and Gabby have been most welcoming and nothing has been too much trouble.







  Name: Rene/Jolanda/Rob/Theresa


Date of Holiday:  3/6/2017 – 10/6/2017


Number of anglers: 3


Catch Report: 41 fish out.  Biggest fish Jolanda 33 lbs.  Lots of mid twenties and doubles.  No night fishing on this trip.

Best tactice/bait used/amount: Boilies, boilies, boilies.  All bottom baits over Andy’s pellet.  If you get the fish feeding on the pellet you are in for a busy week on the rods!!!

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite: Very good!

General comments:  We had a great weeek, looking forward to coming again!










Name : Dave and Leah

Date of Holiday : 27/5/2017 -3/6/2017

Number of anglers : 1


Catch Report: Fished for 5 days 4-5 hours a day. 2 carp every day up to 26 lbs.

Best tactics/Bait used/amount:  Put Andy’s particle mix in opposite margins, mixed with sticky krill liquid and sticky krill glugged boilies tipped with maize from the mix.  

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite: Really good place to stay, beautiful lake and surroundings, interesting places to visit locally.



General comments: We would absolutely recommend the Retreat particularly to families and couples.  Lyn, Andy and Gaby are superb hosts who go above and beyond to make sure you have a great stay.  We have already booked for next year!












Name : Kevin & Sue Plaskitt




Date of Holiday: 17/9/16 -24/9/16




Number of Anglers: 1




Catch Report Fished for 5 days 4-5 hours a day. 2 carp every day up to 26lbs








Best tactics/Bait used/amount: Put Andy’s particle mix in opposite margins, mixed with sticky krill liquid and sticky krill glugged boilies tipped with maize from the mix. Fish were showing all over.  




Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite: Really good place to stay, beautiful lake and surroundings, interesting places to vist locally.




General comments:




We would absolutely reccommend the Retreat particularly to families and couples. Lyn, Andy and Gaby are superb hosts who go above and beyond to make sure you have a great stay. We have already booked for next year




Name: Nigel and Jean Berrisford and Lee and Vicki Cordell

Date of Holiday: 10/9/16 – 17/9/16

Number of Anglers: 2
Catch Report: 36lb 8oz Common 30lb 8oz Mirror 24lb Common 2 x 20lb Commons 20lb 10oz Mirror 11lb 8oz Common 3 x 7lb Commons.
The 36lb 8oz was a new French PB for Nigel.

Best tactics/Bait used: Dropping particle mix from the bait boat, lots of different baits used but tiger nuts, Diamond white boilies and Carp Catcher K-Lo did the business

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite: Very Clean and comfortable. I would recommend the holiday home and fishing to anyone.

General comments:

Pat & Phil made us very welcome and went out of their way tp make sure we had a good time. Phil was very informative about where to fish and was very patient where our operation of the bait boat was concerned.

Name: Kieran Watson

Date of Holiday: 3/9/16-10/9/16

Number of Anglers: 2

Catch Report

Sunday: 14lb 10 Common 15lb 12 Mirror 20lb 12 Common 8lb Common
Monday: 19lb 7 Mirror 10lb 1 Common 11lb 5 Mirror
Tuesday: 25lb Common 16lb Mirror 16lb 5 Common 37lb 14 Common 32lb 10 Common 25lb Common
Wednesday: 15lb 11 Mirror 14lb 9 Common 13lb Common
Thursday: 18lb 13 Common 28lb 1 Common 25lb 14 Mirror 14lb 11 Common 11lb 4 Common 21lb 10 Mirror 5lb Common
Friday: 14lb 10 Mirror 7lb Catfish

Both anglers had PB’s!

Best tactics/Bait used: Natural baits fished over particle mix

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite: Awesome as always, the hosts make this lake and experience what it is.

Name: Dion, Lisanne, Nikki and Diesel (our dog)

Date of Holiday: 28/8/16-3/9/16

Number of Anglers: 1 1/2 Lisanne first time ever.

Catch Report

Despite the hot weather we had a good catch:
20 lbs (my first fish- so happy) Lisanne.
36lb 6oz Dion
2 lb (my smallest fish ever!) Lisanne
26lb 5oz
29lb 5oz
10 lb
26 lb
23 lb
30lb 6oz
12lb 5oz
13lb 5oz
13lb 5oz
26 lb
30 lb
35 lb
17 lb
26 lb
27lb 5oz
40 lb 3oz
26lb 5oz

Best tactics/Bait used: Garlic Boilies and Tigernut hook bait over a bed of particles from Philip and beginners luck!

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite:
We definitely recommend this to anyone. We had a top week! The weather was lovely, the facility was fully equipped (particularly with a child). Philip and Pat made us feel at home. They ensure that you lack nothing. Also nice that our dog Diesel could roam freely. He will definitely miss Lucy, Philip and Pat! Many thanks for the great time!

Name: Damian, Lorraine & Kayla Hinkin (The Welshies)

Date of Holiday: 13/8/16 – 20/8/16

Number of Anglers: 2 1/2 Anglers

Catch Report
Unfortunately it was a very quiet week. 15lb 5oz Common 10lb Fully scaled Mirror.
Kayla caught 2 roach.

Best tactics/Bait used:
Fished to margins and used Squid and Tangerine Boilies.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite:
The gite is absolutely perfect and has a wonderful flow. Beautifully clean with everything you need and more. Bait room is great and has plenty of room for storage. I wouldn’t only recommend you to a friend; I would recommend you to ‘EVERYONE’ as it is the complete package.

General comments:
Although we didn’t opt for the meal package, the menu sounds delicious.
Phil, Pat and Lucy are fantastic hosts and will help you in any way possible to make your stay here one to remember. this includes fixing shoes, water fights and fun and laughter. Thank you.

Name: James Healey

Date Of Stay: 6.8.16 to 13.8.16

No of Anglers: 3

Catch Report:

34lb6oz, 33lb10oz, 28lb4oz, 24lb11oz, 17lb9oz, 15lb6oz All Commons

Biggest  34lb 6oz common

Krill,Cell boilies and particles. Fishing was slow but still enjoyable.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

Gite is superb – would highly recommend and hope to come back again. Pat and Phil were excellent hosts


Yes, would defintely recommend

Name: The Peddle Family

Date Of Stay: 30.7.16 to 6.8.16

No of Anglers: 2

Catch Report:

Commons: 17lb 21lb 25lb 27 lb 10lb 16lb 7lb8oz 21lb 29lb 7lb

Mirrors: 15lb 26 lb 15lb8oz 22lb8oz

Biggest  29lb common

Retreat pellets and particles and Krill boilies

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

This was our 3rd visit here. Very impressed with gite and cleanlines.


Pat & Philip are wonderful hosts and nothing is too much trouble. Philip’s help and advice was excellent and helped with the amazing catch we had. Pat’s food is fantastic, portion sizes are great. You certainly won’t go hungry! Can highly recommend the food package. Thank you both for an amazing week. Almost forgot the lovely Lucy, what a gorgeous dog.

Name: Dan,Paul,Rob & Mike

Date of Holiday: 16/7/16 – 23/7/16

Number of Anglers: 2 + 2 partial

Catch Report

Dan 9 doubles 4 x 20’s 3 x 30’s (largest 38lb common)

Paul 8 x under 15lb 1 x18 1×20 1x 26

Best tactics/Bait used: Boilie bottom baits

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite:

This was our first trip to the retreat and we can happily say its been a great week.
We’ve stayed in lots of places over the years with varied experiences like many others I’m sure. You may not find any record breaking monster carp here (which is fine as they’re not advertised to be!) however on every other aspect it’s been the best we’ve found! Phil and Pat were very welcoming on arrival and always nearby if needed. Phil was very helpful on the fishing and always made time to visit and check we were happy. Lucy (the dog) also added to the pleasant environment with her friendly, playful nature.
The lake ,bankside ,Gite and whole property is immaculately kept. which is testament to Phil and Pats high standards and hard work,all I can say is every Saturday (between handovers) must be a scene from Benny Hill with house keeping Strimming/lawn mowing ! We must mention how nice the grassy banks are to fish from.

General comments: It’s been a pleasure to meet Pat & Phil & Lucy and enjoy what has been an extremely relaxing holiday. We can certainly give two thumbs up and recommend The Retreat to any new customers. Thank you for looking after us so nicely during our stay.

Name: Rob,Sam,Lydia and Harry Smith & Tom Woo

Date of Holiday: 2/7/16 – 16/7/16

Number of Anglers: 4 for the 1st week 1 for the 2nd

Mirrors – smallest was 17 1/2lb Largest was 33lb (caught twice by Rob!)
Commons – 2 x 9lb 1x 11lb lots of mid twenties. The largest was 31.5lb caught on luncheon meat by Tom within 10 minutes of casting out! 14 fish in all.

Best tactics/Bait used:

Single boilies (Krill and freshwater shrimp) Light running rig tactics. Rob lost a monster to pop up corn. Fished just under the island willows Single baits with freebies catapulted into the area.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite:

Our second visit and again we don’t want to go home. Lydia cried her eyes out when she left after week one and I expect there will be more tomorrow when we have to leave.

Keep it as it is You have a winning formula. Would definitely recommend.

Pat & Phil are superb, nothing is too much trouble. Phil spent a long time with Lydia trying to beat her personal best. Unfortunately not successful, but she didn’t care. She wants to come back next year too!!
Oh …………we all adore Lucy!! xxxx

Name: Steve, Lisa, John and Sally

Date Of Stay: 25 June – 2 July 2016

No of Anglers: 4 Anglers

Catch Report:

John 16,25,31.5, 17.5 pound Commons
Sally 25,29.5,19,26,12,12.5,15,33.5 pound Commons and 11.5,31,25 pound Mirrors plus 9.5 pound Cats
Steve 25, 16, 19.5,10 pound Commons 14,25.5,21 pound Mirrors plus 8 and 10 pound Cats
Lisa 16 pound Common an 18 pound Mirror and a 9 pound Cat

Biggest  33lb 8 oz Common

The Retreat bait Far margin under both willows

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

Enjoyed last year so returned this year and enjoyed once again


Have recommended to plenty

Once again nothing too much trouble for Pat & Phil. Always smiling and willing to help.

Name: The Oliffe Family

Date of Stay: 4/6/16 – 11/6/16

No of Anglers: 4

Catch Report:

Biggest 35lb 10oz Carp x 10 between 15-35lb 10oz

5 catfish and 1 mirror

Best tactics: Cell tight up against far bank – to the island 10mm doubles popup

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite: Well equiped plenty of room for a large family, clean and very well looked after! Fantastic views! Beds were very comfy.

Recommendations/Suggestions: Would absolutely recommend!

We could not have wished for a warmer welcome. Made us feel at home straight away. Nothing was too much trouble. Sorry about all the bottles and noise from the boys and Jeff’s music!!

Name: The Toffs (Andrew Charlie and Louis)

Date of Stay: 11/6/16 – 18/6/16

No of Anglers: Half (part time)

Catch Report: Few small carp and catfish. Limited time spent fishing

Best Tactics: Float fishing with worms, stalking.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite: Above expectations, warm and homely environment for young family.

Recommendations/Suggestions: Yes we would recommend to friends and tell them to enjoy Pat’s cooking

Lovely first holiday abroad with our 2 year old. Perfect surroundings for both him to explore and husband to fish. Phil & Pat made the holiday and we will look forward to hopefully seeing them again next year.

Name: Colin & Carl England

Date of Stay: 7/5/15 – 14/5/15

No of Anglers: 2

Catch Report:

5lb catfish, 2 X 10LB common, 15LB common, 10.5LB common, 19LB mirror, 24.4LB common
Lower than average catch due to fish spawning

Standard Multiple flavour boilies, hair rigs and fake corn.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

This is the second time here so we already knew how well Pat and Philip had looked after us. This time they exceeded our expectations and really went out of their way. The gite was claen and tidy as usual, but we spent most nights in the bivvys on the bank.


We would without a doubt recommend staying here to all our friends and family. Highly recommended

We opted for the food package. The meals were all homemade and we could not fault them in any way. The portions were enourmous so hope you have a good appetite!. Nothing was too much trouble for our hosts.

Name: Gary Ryan Mark & Martin

Date of Stay: 16/4/16 – 23/4/16

No of Anglers: 4

Catch Report:17 in total Common Mirror
10lb 14oz 13lb 12oz
13lb 12oz 19lb 10oz
14lb 12oz 19lb 12oz
15lb 8oz 21lb 8oz
16lb 12oz 30lb
19lb 38lb 4oz Lake Record Marks PB
20lb 4oz
24lb 12oz
29lb 4oz
37lb 4oz

1 Cat Fish 5lb

Hair Rigged Corn
Snowman Rigs
Single Baits
Double Hook Baits

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:Recommendations/Suggestions:

Well kept lake and grounds
Gite very clean and tidy
A warm welcome from Pat and Philip (and Lucy the dog) on arrival. Nothing too much trouble. Food pacakge very good. Lucy very friendly and pleased to visit you in your bivvy. A varied and interesting amount of birds and wildlife to spot

Name: Hubb, Mieke, Rens and Ben

Date of Stay: 24th Oct

No of Anglers: 4

Catch Report: Today i started work again a bit difficult i have to admit.But completely logical after such a fantastic week.My first time at a venue where i parked my car and didnt touch it for the rest of the week.

We caught 15 fish the biggest being 40lb+ anda 37lb made my sons holiday

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

The gite and Farm house were both superb ideal for all members of my family and dogs.
Pat & Phil were ver y helpfull and we really appreciated there help.

Recommendation/ Let me summarize it ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

Name: Jezz & Gill Bailey

Date of Stay: 12/09/2015

No of Anglers: 1

Catch Report: 3 x 30’s 4 x 20’s 4 x high teens and 9 low doubles. 20 fish in total.

Biggest mirror 35.14lb and biggest common 32.06lb.

Best Tactics were Krill Sticky baits, boated to far margins or willows, when a fish is caught take to a new spot and keep moving baits around.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

The gite is fantastic, seems to be everything here you need and is very clean.


Of course would definately recommend.

Not overfished. The weather was a bit cruel. Haven’t fished any nights. Took a day off from the lake as it was my wife’s 50th Birthday. Pat and Phil were brilliant hosts and very friendly people. Will miss the pair of them, until we return that is. Made Gill’s birthday extra special and are always there if needed. Take care both of you and Lucy too! xxx

Name: Tim & Gemma

Date of Stay: 29/08/15 – 05/09/15

No of Anglers:  1

Catch Report:

Mirrors: 18lb 20lb 16lb 15lb  16lb 27lb  16lb.

Commons: 21lb 10lb 34lb single 25lb 10lb 12lb 20lb 24lb 18lb 20lb 24lb 25lb 29lb.

Combi rigs- krill sticky + pop up corn.

Expectations:  As expected – excellent facilities and hosts.

Rec/suggestions:  None lovely place to stay – would absolutely recommend.

Many thanks Pat & Phil for having us – had a lovely holiday – only fished short sessions (no nights or earlies) caught every session and had a very relaxing time.

Name: Colin, Brenda ,Carl, Helen

Dates of Stay:  6th June – 13th June

Number of Anglers:  2

Catch Report:

4 Mirror Carp.  2 Cat Fish and 11 Common Carp

5 x 20lb – 26lb 9oz

6 x 11lb 4oz – 18lb 3 oz

4 x 4lb – 8lb

Best Tactics/Bait Used:

10kg Cell/Krill and Bloodworm Boilies

Medium Tub Pellets and 3 tubs Particle Mix (from Phil)

Krill pop ups

Mainly fished the Margins

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities/Gite:

Everything was expected, we looked at the pictures beforehand. Very comfortable ,exceptionally  clean and in a fabulous location overlooking the lake.  We had everything we needed.



General Comments:

From the minute we arrived ,we were welcomed very warmly by Pat.Phil and Lucy. We were shown around the gite and we found out very quickly that nothing was to much trouble for Pat & Phi they are the best hosts that you could ask for.  At first the wifi and sky tv weren’t working. but they soon aarranged for this to be sorted out. One night it was a little chilly,so we asked for the log burner to be lit.  They are such a fantastic couple who made us very welcome,

We would come back again in a heartbeat, especially knowing  Pat & Phil would be here to greet us!

Name: Steve,Lisa,John,Sally and Steven

Date of Holiday: 30th May – 6th June

Number of Anglers: 4

Catch Report 5 small Cats

5lb – 10lb x 6

10lb – 20lb x 26

20lb – 30lb x 6

32lb x 1

37lb x 1

Best tactics/Bait used:   The Retreat Bait – far bank margins.

Your Expectations/Experience of Facilities /Gite:

Above expectations

Nothing to much for Phil and Pat to accommodate .

Without a doubt would recommend.

General comments:  Food package was homely – well worth buying.

4 members of party had personal bests.

Grounds were immaculate and the visit from Lucy every morning was great.